Monday, February 5, 2007

Reporting Services: presentation

Already long time ago Reporting Services has been released in free version from Microsoft.

From a article of David De Giacomi on (if you want to read the entire article see here)
... Crystal Reports and its limits
Since many yaears in this field operates a very famous company wich produces a product called Crystal Reports. This product has been inserted in the suite Visual of Microsoft for the development. In effects since from the first moment it has been an optimal movement, but in th utilize we notice limits of this product...
Crystal is however an optimal product because it constructs Report of WinForms applications inside, WebForms and quite export given through Web Services. Already some time ago I wrote an article which showed some of its potentialities.
Constructing a Report with ASP.NET and Crystal Reports
Some of its limits are as an example not complete integration with .NET, in fact from the point of view Globalization/Internationalization personally I have found various difficulties.
Moreover also triviality as export of the report in pdf demands a enough tortuous path…

Perhaps the more interesting part for us is the Report Designer, is the tool integrated in Visual Studio .NET which allows to design us the Report and to connect them to our given bases (.NET DataSets)....
Very mach important is the use of Reporting Services in Web Services.

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