Sunday, March 4, 2007

Firebird in applications not connected in network

In order to distribute applications not connected in network but like installabile program on a whichever computer, use the following procedure:
  1. Download ADO NET Provider FirebirdClient-2.0.1 which installs the net classes of Firebird on every computer which must hold a application with Firebird.
  2. Download the package Embedded Firebird
  3. Unzip this file.
  4. In the folder of the application “\bin\debug” copy from the previously unzipped package the libraries:
    - fbembed.dll
    - icuu30.dll
    - icuin30.dll
    - icudt30.dll
    - the folder “intl” and the folder "udf"
  5. In the application project use a connection string like this: “servertype=1; username=user name; password=user password; database=” & My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath &” \mydb.gdb "
  6. In the installation package insert the executable, the database, the libraries and the folder intl, which will be placed in the same target folder of the application.
As installer I council CIS downloadable from

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