Friday, January 26, 2007

Installation of applications which use ReportViewer

In all the installation which use roportviewer, in the folder destination of the following application you must install the DLLs: Microsoft.ReportVierer.Winforms.dll, Microsoft.ReportVierer.ProcessingObject.Model.dll, Microsoft.ReportViewer.Common.dll. Thoose DLLs can be installed installing the file ReportViewer.exe here from the site of Microsoft
I know a free software installer which allows to make installations in sequence mode with a single installation package. The free software which creates this package is called Cyberinstaller, downloadable from here.
If you are using other software for the installation which does not possess this functionality then you must execute this procedure in order to gain the DLLs about what I were speaking before:
  1. download indicated ReportVierewer.exe file like before indicated.
  2. open it with Winrar or softer similar. In Winrar you will find the file. Open it.
  3. extract the file in a folder to pleasure.
  4. In this folder you will find 4 files. Rinominate the FL_Microsoft_ReportViewer_Common_dll_117718_____X86.3643236F_ file in Microsoft.ReportViewer.Common.dll, the FL_Microsoft_ReportViewer_ProcessingObject_125592_____X86.3643 file in Microsoft.ReportVierer.ProcessingObject.Model.dll, the FL_Microsoft_ReportViewer_WebForms_dll_117720_____X86.364323 file in Microsoft.ReportVierer.Winforms.dll.
  5. These three rinominated files you will insert, as I said, in the istallation folder of target application.
Good bye and good job.


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