Sunday, June 9, 2013

Can't create or connect to a firebird database? Solved

If you want to create a gdb database by EMS SQL Manager Lite for InterBase & Firebird you need the not obsolete firebird embed version which currently is Download it from Then unpack it in C:\Users\gg\Documents\firebird folder (if "firebird" folder doesn't exist create it). Proceed with the creation wizard and for charset select "none". At the end of the wizard the database is created.
At this point if something goes wrong download, install and execute "Dll Files fixer". You can download it form here: Done. Now you can create and connect to firebird database.


  1. i am learning database and i search in google and see your article now but i can't understand properly please if you define in details

  2. Hello Syed,
    can you restrict the problem?
    Where specifically do you find difficulty in my post?