Friday, October 24, 2014

win8. Can't install MS reportviewer? Solved

To install reportviewer you have to download and install MICROSOFT REPORT VIEWER 2012 RUNTIME from here: /(select your language before). Then
  1. Select language and download it
  2. But,if you have as OS win8 MICROSOFT REPORT VIEWER 2012 RUNTIME doesn't install
  3. Then you have to download ITA\x86\SQLSysClrTypes.msi.
  4. To do it you have to go to the following page: Select your language, click on "download" and scroll down the page that will appear. Select ITA\x86\SQLSysClrTypes.msi and download.
  5. Now install SQLSysClrTypes.msi. Next you can install MICROSOFT REPORT VIEWER 2012 RUNTIME.

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